python for dev of CAD type software

Lee Harr missive at
Sun Aug 31 23:30:32 CEST 2003

>> >is python suitable for a production level 
>> >deployment of CAD type of software.
> PythonCAD appears to be only for Linux
> Anything for MS-Windows platforms

What makes you say that?

On the screenshots page (
It says specifically:

PythonCAD can also work on Windows. Thanks to the amazing efforts of the
Python, PyGTK and GTK developers, the code runs without modification.
As features such as preference files are added to PythonCAD, Windows
users are encouraged to provide suggestions for suitable locations
for these type of files. The screenshot below was mailed in and shows
PythonCAD running under Windows.

It's really pretty nice, and they have been making amazing progress.

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