My own 12 points list

A. Lloyd Flanagan alloydflanagan at
Tue Aug 26 21:15:09 CEST 2003

pruebauno at (nnes) wrote in message news:<d8778a53.0308251600.143ec0a3 at>...
> I have really no mayor gripes, and the few things I would change would
> break backward compatibility, but here is the list anyway:
> 3.) Eliminate open (), use file () instead
open() is deprecated, I don't know about plans to eliminate it.

> 5.) Eliminate built-in functions buffer(), callable(), delattr(),
> dir(), getattr(), hasattr(), hash(), help(), id(), isinstance(),
> len(), max(), min(), repr(),  setattr(), sum(), str(), type(),
Many of these are being superseded by object meathods.  I don't know
about eliminating them; you'd break nearly every old program.

> 6.) Eliminate lambda, use local ?def somename(param):return expr'
> instead.
There's been a lot of discussion of this, but no consensus on the
syntax.  Certainly "lambda" is meaningless unless you're used to Lisp.
See also <a href="">PEP

> 11.) Add a big decimal type (something like java) in the standard
> library. To be able to do bean counter type math easily. Are there so
> few python applications that deal with money?
I believe this is basically waiting on somebody to make a good
implementation to be added to the standard.  There are some
third-party packages available.

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