(VERY) New to Python. Need Help!

Don Bruder dakidd at sonic.net
Tue Aug 5 11:59:35 CEST 2003

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> > Looks pretty obvious that something it wants can't be found.
> Yes, It can't find the getpid function within the os module. It isn't 
> available
> on the Mac (at least not classic Mac).  Reading http://www.dessent.net/btfaq/
> may help.

Indeed it does. I can't help but wonder why this URL doesn't seem to 
appear anywhere in the docs? The only FAQ-type URLs I'm seeing so far in 
the "on-board" docs appear to be hosting on bitconjurer.org, with no 
mention of this "www.dessent.net" host anywhere blatantly obvious.

Any indication of whether there's a "getpid" function in the Carbon 
version of MacPython? And how would I go about checking to see (aside 
from the obvious "fire up the program - if it pukes, the function isn't 
there") if an arbitrarily selected function is available in a particular 
Python implementation?

Thanks for the help so far!

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