"drop-in" DOM replacement for minidom?

Geoff Gerrietts geoff at gerrietts.net
Fri Aug 15 22:28:57 CEST 2003

Quoting Uche Ogbuji (uche at ogbuji.net):
> My response is usually more like "what are you using XML for a single
> 30MB file for?"

I don't think you responded when I asked. :)


> I've long maintained that when working with XML, modest document sizes
> is very important, regardless of what tools you're using.

I think I agree, though some are better suited for large documents
than others.

> But that having been said, some documents are 30MB, and it makes sense
> that they're 30MB, and that's just the way it is.

And again. Sometimes unreasonable people with a stronger sense of
"good buzzwords" than "good design" are on one end of your project.
And sometimes, the "normal" cases may all be appropriate -- optimal,
even -- for an XML usage, while the corner cases are 30MB.

> > My friend also had some more challenging problems. He was running on a
> > DEC Alpha, I think under Digital Unix, and as a consequence 4Suite had
> > byte-ordering problems.
> 4Suite used to have byte-ordering problems, originally reported under
> Solaris 9, and also affecting some Mac OS X users.   Those are fixed
> now.

As of May this year, 4Suite's cDomlette was having problems for these
users under DEC Alpha running Digital Unix, when dealing with Unicode.
I don't know whether those problems have been fixed since; I only know
they existed. I've personally never had a problem with cDomlette. If
you would like, I can put you in touch with the user directly and he
may be able to do some tests for you. Just to follow up, I'll be
asking him if he's checked recently, see if he can reproduce it.

> > However, I believe that if you can get 4Suite to compile,
> Which I hardly expect to be a problem.

Not intended as a slight on 4Suite's stability; I use it regularly and
find it quite solid. This was more in reference to the current
disclaimer that 4Suite may not always use cDomlette for all platforms;
sometimes it falls back to a pure-python solution.

> Your memories must be from long ago :-)  That API is how it's been for
> a while.

I think I last used cDomlette last fall or late last summer. At the
time, I did not know how to invoke cDomlette directly, but only
stumbled across a newspost, when looking for ways to tighten-up parse
performance. The post -- probably from a mailing list -- referred me
to cDomlette, but I had to go read source code to figure out how to
use it.

I may well have been stuck on a previous version of 4Suite at the
time, too, because my production environment is still on Python 1.5.2.

So yes, my personal memories are quite old. I would be misrepresenting
if I were to say otherwise.


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