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Mon Aug 11 20:58:24 CEST 2003

"val" <val at> wrote in message news:<bh710m$ukbvj$1 at>...
>     A standard GUI is a great concept, but it has a fixed
> structure which may become a highly complicated for real-world apps.
> A well-designed CL actually splits a potentially huge GUI into
> manageable and app-specific "time slices" (CL+GUI) driven by the
> current output of the app.
>     So, business objects' power under user fingertips seems to be a
> powerful concept, indeed.  In fact, a living organism' functionality
> in an environment is split similarly into stimuli (inputs) and responses
> (outputs);  an output, in turn, can represent a (pre-specified)
> sequence of responses potentially modifiable by the environment
> (user inputs).  

This suggests another slogan for Python...

"Python: stimulate powerful organisms under your fingertips, without
all the GUI mess!"

With apologies to the prudent,

-- Graham

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