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Michele Simionato wrote:
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>>I don't know if this is the problem, because you didn't say exactly when the 
>>script hangs, but Tkinter apparently has problems when calls to it are made 
>>from a thread different from the one into which it was initialized. I'd use 
>>an Event between Tkinter's thread and Cmd's thread, checking it regularly 
>>with Tkinter's after method.
> It hangs immediately when I start the script by clicking on its icon.
> What do you mean with "I'd use an Event" ? I thought an Event object
> is automatically generated when I click on a widget, or press a key,
> or something.

I wasn't thinking about this Event class. I thought about the one described here:

It allows very basic communications between threads.

 > Are you saying can I can programmatically generate an
> Event, faking a real mouse/key press? How so? That is something I
> always wanted to know ;)

Generating a *Tk* event is quite easy: just use the event_generate method that 
exists on all widgets. I used it to generate simple events, often user-defined 
one. The syntax is simple:


If you have a binding for "<<MyEvent>>" for myWidget, you can trigger it this way.

I never tried to pass event detail, though.

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