ANNOUNCE: Rekall V2.0.2

David M. Cook davecook at
Tue Aug 12 09:24:27 CEST 2003

In article <3F385CAB.6000705 at>, Benoit Caron wrote:

> I suppose from the reaction to the quirks of the website that this kind 
> of application would fill a need. Am I wrong?

An open source Access type app is sorely needed.

> - wxPython as the toolkit : it is more "usable" freely on windows due to 
> the licensing/etc. on windows

I prefer pygtk as a toolkit, but I do agree that wxpython is more usable on

> - Use an embedded database : if we want to "attack" Access, we must be 
> "standalone" and must not need a "real,big" database installation. I 
> thought about sqlite, but I did'nt dig enough on this to decide yet. 
> Anyway, the point would be to make it possible to "switch" the model 
> from a database system to an another. This way, the thing could be used 
> as a "prototyping" solution. But I digress

Why not use SqlObject or one of the other OR mapping layers?

I believe that MiddleKit has some rudimentary support for web forms.

(I'm being a bit of a hypocrite here because I eventually ended up rolling
my own simple database layer for my app.)

> - Make it OpenSource. I looked at rekall and it look not that bad, but I 
> hardly see how this can take away "mindshare" from Access.

I don't see them taking any mindshare from Access, but they are filling an
important niche on Linux.

> So, anybody think this would have users?

Sounds very useful to me.  I'd be interested in helping out.

Dave Cook
daverz at users dot sourceforge dot net

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