bitwise not - not what I expected

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Sun Aug 17 15:05:13 CEST 2003

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| To understand your example above, note that
| binary 10010 actually has an unbounded number of 0 bits "to the left":
|     ...00000010010 = 13
| The bitwise inversion of that therefore has an unbounded number of 1 bits
| "to the left":
|     ...11111101101 = -19

** What you're saying, the way I read it, is that 5+S=(-19), where S is the
(divergent) sum of all the powers 2^k of 2 with k>=5. I'm still at sea, in other

| Python can't *guess* how many bits you want to keep.

**  But it could if someone had told it that the leftmost nonzero digit is the
place to start. I just assumed somebody had told it that.

| Python represents negative integers in unbounded 2's-complement form

** Now we're getting someplace. That was the missing piece in my puzzle.

Thanks for the help.


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