debugging with wingIDE

Mike Rovner mike at
Wed Aug 20 18:48:10 CEST 2003

joelgleizes wrote:
> I try to debug a python project with WingIDE.
> I load my main file and launch debug session with Run
> button.
> I see a first message: "Listening for back-connection"
> and then appears this error message :"The debug
> process never connected back to WingIDE. Aborting
> debug session"
> I haven't seen anything in the error-log file
>  What does it mean?

Tha IDE debugger was unable to connect to your program.


"""    -- Debug stub for debuggifying Python programs

Copyright (c) 1999-2001, Archaeopteryx Software, Inc.  All rights reserved.

Written by Stephan R.A. Deibel and John P. Ehresman


This is the file that Wing DB users copy into their python project
directory if they want to be able to debug programs that are launched
outside of the IDE (e.g., CGI scripts, in response to a browser page

To use this, edit the configuration values below to match your
Wing IDE installation and requirements of your project.

Then, add the following line to your code:

  import wingdbstub

Debugging will start immediately after this import statements.

Next make sure that your IDE is running and that it's configured
to do passive listening and accept passive connections from the
host the debug program will be running on.

Now, invoking your python file should run the code within the debugger.
Note, however, that Wing will not stop in the code unless a breakpoint
set set.

If the debug process is started before the IDE, or is not listening
at the time this module is imported then the program will run with
debugging until an attach request is seen.  Attaching only works
if the .wingdebugpw file is present; see the manual for details.

One win32, you either need to edit WINGHOME in this script or
pass in an environment variable called WINGHOME that points to
the Wing IDE installation directory.



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