Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Aug 11 18:32:54 CEST 2003

Eric Brunel wrote:

> Same problem, different solution: it made me give up on Windows 98... ;-)

quoting microsoft's lifecycle page:

    "Mainstream support for Windows 98/98 SE ended on June 30th 2002,
    and no-charge incident support and extended hotfix support ends on
    June 30th 2003."

> FYI, and just to make this post a bit more useful, it seems to be a problem in
> Windows 95/98, since no problem ever occured with the same scripts/distros on
> Win2k or WinXP, not to mention Unices...

iirc, the problem is that (some versions of the) Tk DLL locks up during the cleanup
phase (probably due to a race problem), and Win2k/XP is smart enough to kill the
process when that happens.

the sourceforge bug tracker has more details.


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