codec to parse raw UCS data?

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Wed Aug 20 01:23:35 CEST 2003

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> Oleg Leschov wrote:
> > Where can I find a list and documentation for codecs?
> > What I want to do is to make a unicode string out of unicode data.
> > for example. I am parsing NTFS metadata, that contains filenames as
> > UCS-2 code, so I have a binary string that pretends to be a UCS-2.
> the "utf-16-le" codec is probably what you want.
> (utf-16 is basically ucs-2 plus mechanisms to encode characters outside
> the 16-bit BMP set; IIRC, Windows 2k and later uses utf-16, not ucs-2).
> </F>

DSCS (Double Short Character Set)

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