My future Python IDE article

Lothar Scholz llothar at
Thu Aug 28 17:02:03 CEST 2003

"Mike Thompson" <n/a> wrote in message news:<3f4d3e12$0$4190$afc38c87 at>...
> That's not my experience. I've found Boa both stable, functional and well
> priced.

One fatal bug is that it doesn't kill applications that you started in
the debugger or simply run as a script - at least under Win2000/XP. So
after 30 minutes you end up with a maschine full of processes and with
the kill only one task at a time MS-Taskmanager it is faster to reboot
the maschine.

And the complete IDE is not very easy to use, the debugger seems also
not very stable.

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