Preferred standalone TAL module?

Kevin Smith Kevin.Smith at
Tue Aug 26 14:49:57 CEST 2003 uses the actual Zope sources with just a thin wrapper 
around them to make them work outside the Zope framework.  They aren't 
currently in development simply because they are up to date with the 
Zope source.

In <5d855b4b.0308251419.31e894e6 at> Fahd Khan wrote:
> The web-based Python software I've written thus far lacks a consistent
> approach to generating output. After reading Graham Fawcett's
> endorsement of Zope Template Pages in the recent web programming
> thread, I looked up TAL and found it to be quite nice. Going through
> recent postings on Google it seems SimpleTAL is the standalone TAL
> module in most active usage and development just now, would the
> community concur or suggest alternatives?
> Here's the post I'm referencing:
> umsgid=e9570f37.0304070923.70612d28 at
> I'm also motivated by the web programming thread's underlying message
> of seeking "industrial strength" solutions that work in many domains
> using existing tools, so that I spend more time coding and less time
> "shopping" for modules. TAL seems a good way to do that (I'm most
> certainly not ready to take the plunge into Zope). Any comments there?
> Fahd Khan
Kevin Smith
Kevin.Smith at

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