Revitalizing Tk (was Re: Using the C Source Code from Tcl/Tk)

Mark Roseman mark at
Mon Aug 25 22:02:55 CEST 2003

"David M. Cook" <davecook at> wrote:
> I suppose going through the tcl interpreter is not an ideal situation, but
> it works, and I've seen some pretty amazing things done with Tkinter.  I
> prefer pygtk, though.  Tk is beginning to show its age, though the text and
> canvas widgets are still strong points.

As an earlier poster mentioned, there is an effort underway to
update Tk and really brush the dust off of it.  People who know
Tk can make it look good with a lot of option tweaking and 
bringing in third-party widgets, but we'd like to see it work
a bit better right out of the box.  

Anyway, as mentioned, more info on this effort is here:

As one of the people behind this effort (yeah I use Tcl), we'd
be very happy to see a lot of Python folks involved.  Have a peek
at the site, and if you still have questions, post there or please
feel free to email me.

As an aside, many of us in the Tcl community who are doing 
professional-level apps have struggled with the choices for a 
GUI toolkit, and have calculated that improving Tk is not that 
much work, and doing that would be the best alternative for a 
fairly large class of development needs.  Most of us are pretty 
pragmatic and not hugely wedded to Tcl (lots of us like Python
too), though we do like a lot of what Tcl does offer, including 
Tk and other goodies.  


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