Advice to a Junior in High School?

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> I think you
> should do a lot of your own exploring. Consider as much as you can, no
> matter what someone online says for or against it.

Hear, hear: this is good advice!

On a more personal note, when I was more or less your age I decided 
to do Physics, even if I knew very well that the job situation was a 
disaster. Now, it turns out that the situation is still a disaster and I
have just decided to quit the field. 
I have found some people telling me that I made the bad choice and that 
I should have chosen a more marketable field. I don't think so.
I did what I wanted to do: whereas most of the people do for
all their life a job they dislike, I at least avoided that for
part of my life. I had the opportunity of doing something and I took

If you have the chance of having something you like to do, don't throw
it away to follow the advice of the others. Your life is your responsability.

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