Problem with gui_thread and SciPy ...

John A Ferguson J.Ferguson at
Sun Aug 17 23:52:34 CEST 2003


>>> import gui_thread
>>> gui_thread.start()

You should get:
<wxPython imported>

"jose flanigan" <jflanigan at> wrote in message
news:c6f263dc.0308161315.7dfa79c3 at
> Hi,
> I am running python version 2.2 on a Windows NT machine.  I have
> installed the latest version of wxPython and SciPy. However, when
> running pythonwin and attempting
> >> import gui_thread
> I never get an acknowledgment that this module has been successfully
> imported. When I try to plot anything using SciPy's plt function, the
> pythonwin session shuts down without warning.
> Any help appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.

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