Accessing members of Python class from C++ (Embedded Python)????

JM jgerard at
Wed Aug 27 01:02:21 CEST 2003

Hello everyone,

Does anybody know about, have documentation on, or have any code
samples on how to access class members from a python class in C++.

Say I have a simple python script:

class Animal:
    NumLegs = 5
    Size = 4.5

How exactly do you access these members from C++.  I know how to get
the member if I know its name, ie.

pkObject = PyDict_GetItemString(pkDict, "Animal");
int uiNumLegs  = PyInt_AsLong(PyObject_GetAttrString(pkObject,"NumLegs"));

But how do you iterate through all the class members and print their
names and values? This is easy to do for basic variables, but I can't
seem to do it for class variables.

Any help would be much apprecited. This is driving me nuts.


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