What's better about Ruby than Python?

Dave Benjamin dave at 3dex.com
Tue Aug 19 23:08:41 CEST 2003

"Alex Martelli" <aleaxit at yahoo.com> wrote in message
news:bht3bq02v9p at enews3.newsguy.com...
> Thus, the direct Python equivalent might be
> import __builtins__
> __builtins__.len = someotherfunction
> and THAT usage is very specifically warned against e.g. in
> "Python in a Nutshell" -- you CAN do it but SHOULDN'T (again, one
> can hope to eventually see it "officially" deprecated...!).

I agree with your position, more or less, but I am curious - how far do you
think this deprecation should go? Just changing a function in __builtins__?
Changing a function in any module? Or changing *anything* about a module
from the outside?


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