Python and XML -- Right Thing for path

Vincent Marchetti vincem at
Tue Aug 5 21:02:26 CEST 2003

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and-google at (Andrew Clover) wrote:

> For some reason, the current working directory is included in Python's
> default module search path, before all other directories. If anyone can
> explain why this is the Right Thing I'd be interested to know.

White the Right Thing to do is probably in the eye of the beholder I find
this convention (current working directory at the head of the module
search path) very useful for prototyping and tinkering with modules "in a
sandbox". I can take a standard module, copy it into a directory not on
the search path, and modify it to my hearts content with script in that
same folder; only when it works as desired do I "promote" it to my regular
search path.

Vince Marchetti

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