gdbm compatibility between linux and freebsd

Arne Koewing ark at
Thu Aug 21 12:27:53 CEST 2003

bucket79 at (bucket79) writes:

> here's a problem
> and the problem is gdbm db file is not compatible between two system
> for example
> anyone know what is the casuse of this problem?
Yes and No ;-)

I do not think that gdbm-files could be considered 'portable'
(gdbm surely is, the files are (sometimes) not)

on freebsd systems `off_t` is (sometimes)  8 bytes, while on most
others it's just 4 bytes.

try changing off_t" to "loff_t"  in gdbmdefs.h and recompile libgdmb
(breaking existing databases on the system !!!! )

or use some other format for interchanging information.

some people say bdb is not that problematic but I don't know...
(I'll treat all *db databases non-portable)
bdb databases can be be dumped to some interchangeable format. 


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