Python and Robotics?

Kevin Dahlhausen kdahlhaus at
Mon Aug 4 16:07:57 CEST 2003

I once wrote a utility to exercise the electronics on an embedded
steering system in Python.   There's a photo at, but I don't have
the code anymore.  It worked very well.  I don't know the real-time
aspects of Python, so you'd certainly want to research that.

Darren <ozzyparrot at> wrote in message news:<3f2d1e1d$0$4192$afc38c87 at>...
> Hello All,
> 	  Hope everyone is well.
> I am really new to python, so my question maybe some what stupid to 
> some. The question is,  can python be used as a programming language for 
> robotics?  eg, controling motors and sensors?
> If so, do you know any website that would contain such information ?
> Many thanks
> Darren

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