Module access from inside itself

Steven dippy at
Fri Aug 15 18:20:43 CEST 2003

I'm writing a Python script which can be called from the command-line, and 
I want to use my module doc string as the CL help text, but I don't know 
how to access my module object from inside the module.

I've tried searching for an answer, but haven't found anything. Please
excuse me if I'm missing something simple, I'm a newbie to Python.

I'm doing something like this:

"""Module doc string goes here.

import getopt, sys

def MyFunction(args):

if __name__ == "__main__":
    opts, args = getop.getopt(sys.argv[1:], [], ["help"])
    for opt in opts:
        if opt == "--help":
            print MY_MODULE.__doc__    # How do I get this?

How do I get a reference to the module from inside the module? Is this
the Pythonic way of generating help strings for CL scripts?


Steven D'Aprano

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