2.3 Redhat 9 Tkinter IDLE

RT Lange whiteywidow at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 3 08:57:32 CEST 2003

im trying to get idle to work and its really getting frustrating
(and from what ive read on other posts i am not alone)

i think i have to edit the Modules/Setup file but im confused as 
to what to uncoment and what to change.

i dont know where my Tcl/Tk libraries are
i think my Tcl/Tk headers are in /usr/include/ (not in 
im not sure where my X11 headers are (they werent in /usr/x11r6/include)
Tix/BLT - dont know what those are
im pretty sure my tcl/tk version is 8.3(rpm -qa tcl/tk reveals 8.3.5-88)

and so then i should rebuild and reinstall.
and then "Make sure to enable the _tkinter module as well as the 
TKPATH variable definition."(not sure what they mean by enable or 
what to do with TKPATH)

2 questions:
Why does this have to be so difficult?
Can anyone provide step by step inststructions?

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