My future Python IDE article

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Tue Aug 26 21:11:30 CEST 2003

mertz at (David Mertz) writes:

> So readers... make the case for your favorite one getting on the
> list.  I have a while to ponder the opinions advanced, should this
> prompt some discussion (it may take a little while to order review
> copies of commercial tools and/or get things installed).

This one is easy :).

My voting goes for: 

1) Emacs + python-mode + ipython as interactive shell inside emacs +
speedbar as class browser (I use this... actually I use emacs for
everything :))

2) Eric3

3) Eclipse + Trustudio

4) Another one randomly

PS: Under windows my favourite is PythonWin

Valentino Volonghi, Regia SpA, Milan

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