Filtering virus-related e-mails?

Grant Edwards grante at
Wed Aug 27 21:22:36 CEST 2003

In article <7h3ad9v6jqu.fsf at>, Michael Hudson wrote:
> grante at (Grant Edwards) writes:
>> Would it be possible for the python mailing list to filter out
>> the "virus-warning" emails rather than posting them to the
>> newsgroup?
> Possibly, but I think the admins are busier trying to stop the network
> cables and the server melting due to the load... maybe now they've
> done that they can turn to secondary effects.  I gather virus warning
> emails are quite hard to filter due to each virus program having a
> different format.

That's too bad.  It makes them part of the problem as well.

> (Earlier on today, Greg Ward brought up exim on the new version
> of the starship; within ten minutes, the number of SMTP
> connections had maxed out.  Ten minutes after instituting the
> clever hack that saved, about 250 hosts were
> being rejected at the firewall level).


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