For Kenny Tilton: Why do I need macros revisited.

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> "Andrew Dalke" <adalke at> wrote previously:
> |I've seen David Mertz' xml_pickle code which makes good use of
> |[metaclasses], but don't yet follow how it works.
> I'm afraid I must insist here that the use of metaclasses in
> gnosis.xml.pickle is utterly trivial, and just for show.  You'll
> have to look elsewhere for "good use" of them :-).
> Yours, David...

For instance Psyco was using metaclasses to wrap the methods to
"speed-up", at least when I looked at version 0.4. 
This was a quite clean usage, simple and effective.
When you need to wrap many methods in a class (for instance for
logging purposes or other reasons) a metaclass is most probably 
the best solution you have at your disposal.

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