OT: Americans love their guns

Gerrit Holl gerrit at nl.linux.org
Thu Aug 28 23:04:54 CEST 2003

Richard Wesley wrote:
> In article <Qlo3b.7388$n94.4843 at fed1read04>,
>  midnight at warm-summer-night.net (falling star) wrote:
> > Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters <mertz at gnosis.cx> wrote:
> > LotLE> 
> > LotLE> USA automobile deaths are ^43k/year
> > LotLE> USA gun-related deaths are ~29k/year
> > 
> > Where did you get your number?   29k a year???  Don't believe it.  I
> > would guess the number to be somewhere in the 1000 to 2000 range.
> US murders with firearms were 8,259 in 1999, ranked #4 in the world.  

There is a difference between 'murders with firearms' and
'gun-related deaths'.


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stones, or any movable property to another, and wish to recover it from
him; if the latter do not bring all of the property to the appointed
place, but appropriate it to his own use, then shall this man, who did not
bring the property to hand it over, be convicted, and he shall pay
fivefold for all that had been entrusted to him.
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