Hosting service with Python support

BadJake john at
Sun Aug 24 12:36:08 CEST 2003

I have just found out the my hosting service includes Python support.
Unfortunately, they make no mention of this on their web site. There are too
few hosting companies that offer Python support so I would like to share
this one with you. You can find out by pointing your brower at
For $14.95 per month you get the following:-

1.   1 Gb Disk Space
2.   10Gb monthly transfer
3.   10 domains
4.   Unlimited number of e-mail accounts
5.   Unlimited number of FTP accounts
6.   Unlimited number of Domain Pointers
7.   Unlimited number of sub-domains
8.   Private cgi-bin
9.   Web Mail
10. Unlimited number of MySQL databases

There are cheaper options available starting at $4.95 per month go up to $50
per month for resellers plans
EMail support is excellent and you can even get to speak to a human by
The only time they went off-line was when they up graded their servers to
Red Hat V9.0 and then we were notified


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