Open Source leader? (was Re: Celebrity advice)

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>The best candidate is Bruce Perens, IMHO.  He has the technical
>background of working on a non-trivial project (Debian), yet
>writes and presents in a style that doesn't attract attention and
>doesn't let irrelevancies intrude.  Compare his commentary on SCO
>( with ESR's counterblast.
>(To be fair, ESR's analysis of the code is also pretty good; the OSI
>letter is where it becomes unacceptable.)

OTOH, Perens is also (like me ;-) a self-described asshole.  When I saw
him at the Waterside Conference earlier this year, he basically claimed
that only assholes could make significant progress in the Open Source
community.  Linus and Guido are obvious counter-examples in some
respects, but as you point out, they're not really interested in a
spokesmodel position.
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