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Michael Peuser mpeuser at web.de
Wed Aug 13 13:25:35 CEST 2003

"John J. Lee" <jjl at pobox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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> "Michael Peuser" <mpeuser at web.de> writes:
> > I fully agree with your very comprehensive statements. I personally do
> > know VB so much but RealBasic for Macintosh which is absolutely in the
> > of useability. It is as well a very friendly GUI Builder with all
> > drag-n-drop and multimedia stuff AND it compiles AND it makes self
> > exe files!!
> >
> > This in fact is my wishlist for a Python IDE .....
> > Of course the *language* itself is a mess ;-)

Well it might  not have been clear *which* language I was refering to ;-)
> Never bought the often-tacit assumption that programming environments
> that happen not to be entirely graphical, and that aren't run by
> clicking on a single .exe are somehow not integrated (in some ways
> they tend to be less well integrated, in others more), so:
> GUI builder:
>  wxPython / BOA constructor
>  OR PyQt / Qt designer
>  OR VB (implement COM servers in Python, write GUI in VB)
> exe builder:
>  py2exe
>  OR McMillan Installer

Yes, yes, yes! But when you are new to a language like Python, it is VERY
DIFFICULT for you to find out, WHICH tool to use and WHICH library to
download. Especially if they are not free as some of the better products you
mention above. The choice between Tkinter, Qt and wx (and there is still FOX
and something like FLTK and a lot of experimental projects like WCK, DynWin
and PyUI...)

There is a real great advantage of a comfortable - icluded! - IDE. This is
the main reason I stay to IDLE and Tkinter, though they have none of the
features I should like to have.

> "drag-n-drop and multimedia stuff"
>  Not sure what that means!

A modern GUI is expected to support OS wide Drag and Drop. E.g. an IDE
should be able to accept a source file dropped to it. Alas there is nothing
like the integrated Quicktime-Technology on other platforms. For the simple
programmer Quicktime has made most of any thougths about image audio or CD
formats obsolete.

Strictly both features have nothing to do with the discussion. They came to
my mind when thinking back to all the good things of RealBasic....
> John


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