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Thu Aug 28 21:56:16 CEST 2003

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> Thanks I'll check this out and also try to further clarify myself.
> This is a mixture of NT 4 and Win2K Servers.  WMI may not be installed 
> on all the remote systems.
> We have quite a few NT domains that our servers are spread out over and 
> sometimes the machine I would execute the script from would not be in 
> the same Domain and need different Logon Credentials to access the 
> remote machine. We don't have control over this our primary 
> responsibility is for the applications that reside on these servers.  We 
> have Administrator Access to the servers but not complete control on how 
> they are setup.  Ahhh the wonderful Politics of Big Business.
> Often certian services for the applications we maintain will need to be 
> restarted on these remote machines.  I've found a way to this this with 
> a Python Module called WService.  In the App I'm making that will reside 
> on the clients machine they will enter a server name or ip address and 
> click a button that will restart the req'd service.  As long as we are 
> in the same NT Domain no big deal, but not all servers are in the same 
> domain and we use different accounts to access them.
> What I need is some way for user to enter the proper credentials so 
> Python could restart the service on the remote machine.
> If this isn't making sense please disregard and I'll move on to 
> something a bit easier.

You probably need to logon to the IPC Share to get proper
authentication.  From the commandline it's "net use \\servername\ipc$
password /USER:domain\username".    You could also probably use
win32net.netUseAdd() to do this natively in Python, but I've never
tried this.

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