Bewildered graphs

Borcis borcis at
Mon Aug 4 19:42:23 CEST 2003

John J. Lee wrote:
> hwlgw at (Will Stuyvesant) writes:
> [...]
>>You are thinking about generating a .PNG or .JPG or .GIF or something
>>like that?
>>I have an idea: if your app is running on a web server cluster
>>already, how about generating dynamic web pages displaying the graph. 
>>You could for example display this whole picture with SVG
> [...]
>>this.  Note the BIG advantage of such a web application: everybody can
>>use it with their browser; no installations, compilations,
> I just tried Mozilla Firebird 0.6 and Konqueror 3.1, and neither has
> built-in SVG support.

Indeed, only a few experimental browsers have (partial) built-in
SVG support. Most usually, support is acquired with the adobe SVG
plugin - but beware that it doesn't fit all and requires an installation.

Otoh Batik can be used server-side to render the SVG to a pixel
format if the browser doesn't support it, iirc.

If pdf is an option I believe it deserves mention that the
reportlab package is very much designed to help produce similar
on-the-fly web graphics in pdf.

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