Is Python your only programming language?

Tim Rowe tim at
Wed Aug 13 15:37:27 CEST 2003

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003 05:44:45 GMT, "Joe Cheng" <code at>

>I want to ask you hard-core c.l.p Pythonistas: Do you use Python for
>everything?  (and I'm counting Python + C extensions as just Python) 

No.  I'm a firm believer in using the right language for the task, and
I don't believe it to b possible for a single language to be the best
for every application.

> Or do
>you keep another language equally close at hand, and if so, what is it?  

C++ close to hand, Eiffel and Ada available.

> And
>finally, do you foresee a day when Python can be, for all practical intents
>and purposes, your only programming language?

Absolutely not.  I don't believe any language could be, because every
task needs different compromises.

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