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> In article <bhq01j$tge$03$1 at>, Michael Peuser wrote:
> > A very good point! I might add that this is my no means an exotic
> > Mathematically speaking there is great charme in computing just inside
> > invervall (-1,+1). And if you have no FPU you can do *a lot* of pseudo
> > operations. You have get track of the scale of course - it is a little
> > like working with sliding rules if anyone can remember those tools ;-)
> Sure.  I've got two sitting at home.  :)
> FWIW, it used to be fairly common for process-control systems
> to define operations only over the interval (-1,+1).  This made
> implimentation easy, and the input and output devices
> (temp/pressure sensors, valves, whatnot) all had pre-defined
> ranges that mapped logically to the (-1,+1) interval.
> --
Yes it simplifies a lot of matters, even when using full floating point
numbers. Take OpenGL e.g. The colour space is a 1x1x1 cube. Very fine! No
magic numbers near 256 ;-)

Michael P

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