catching a from CORBA.UserException inherited exception

Birgit Rahm br_y at
Fri Aug 22 15:09:25 CEST 2003

Hallo newsgroup,

I have the following problem:
(programming in Python with omniORB and omniORBpy)
1. I got an IDL file and translate it with omniidl and got a python file
2. I wrote a executable python file, which correct connects (till I have the
starting object in the expected class) and disconnects to the ORB
3. then I want to invoke a method within a try - except statement, where the
except statement has to catch an exception defined in the file created in 1.
- without the try - exception statement the call is correct with the correct
parameter and throws an exception (that ends the debugging) with an
incorrect parameter
now I wanted to catch the correct exception, but I can only catch
CORBA.UserException in the right way

What have I to do, to catch the derived exception?

I hope, someone can help me.
TIA, Birgit

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