Aspect oriented Everything?

Sascha Dördelmann wsdng at
Wed Aug 27 22:00:25 CEST 2003

letterbox1001 at (New_aspect) wrote:
> What I want to know is,if anybody on a
> commercial scale is using AOSD to develop commercial products?

I know about AOP for quite a while now but I've actually never used it
in a commercial product.

One reason I can offer you is, that it was always easy to get around
using it. You know most of the "vertical" and "horizontal" needs from
the beginning of the project and are free to include them in your UML

One strategy to get around AOP at design time ist multiple inheritance
(MI). Even if the language doesn't support MI directly there are many
ways to implement an UML model which includes MI. Other strategies
include the visitor pattern or some other form of delegation to
specialized objects.

There are some things which could make AOP more attractive:
- discussions like this one
- integration in some language would of course make some people use it
  (but who would use this brand new language?)
- find a "killer app" (e. g. show that it's better to use AOP to
  than to use the standard profiling tools)
- make it either as simple as possible or very difficult but with
  enormous power
- build a refactoring browser which refactors aspects to where they

Generic programming is gaining more and more attention in the world of
statically typed languages. AOP could be part of that. On the other
hand it's a lot easier to implement AOP in a dynamic language like
Ruby. And as people like the nature of their favorite language, they
might like the dynamic aspect of AOP, too.


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