[OT] Why is it called string?

Brian Kelley bkelley at wi.mit.edu
Thu Aug 21 19:04:52 CEST 2003

Istvan Albert wrote:
> P at draigBrady.com wrote:
>> I'm always surprised by the number of people
>> in computing that don't know this.

Coloquially (in american-english):

A "bit" used to be half a quarter and therefore there are also 8 bits to 
a dollar.  Coincidence or a play on words?  Some of us here are making 
our livings using "pieces of eight", so to speak.  Anyway, this brings 
up this reather mildly amusing chart for pricing memory (from 

1 Megabyte	        1024 Kilobytes
1 Kilobyte	        1024 Bytes
1 Byte	                8 Bits
1 Shave and a Haircut	2 Bits
1 Bit	                $0.125
$1	                8 Bits
1 Byte	                $1
1 Kilobyte	        $1024
1 Megabyte	        $1048576

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