Toronto-area Pythonistas meeting Tuesday the 26th of August...

Mike Fletcher mcfletch at
Thu Aug 21 04:24:33 CEST 2003

Since no-one seems to have announced this yet...

PyGTA meeting this upcoming Tuesday at the regular time (8pm) and place 
(519 Comm. Centre (on Church St., in downtown Toronto))

for details.

Feel free to bring questions or problems to ask other Pythonistas about. 
  We've been having good turnouts for the last few meetings, almost 
enough to overflow the rooms, so you don't have to just listen to Peter 
and I blathering on ;) .  If you'd like to do a short presentation on 
your Python work please propose it on the pygta-general mailing list.

Enjoy all,
   Mike C. Fletcher
   Designer, VR Plumber, Coder

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