Python and Web Hosting

J. W. McCall no at
Sat Aug 9 06:44:35 CEST 2003

Ken Fettig wrote:
> Hello, I am begining to learn the Python language and I am enjoying its
> flexibility. I do have a question. I am considering using Python for web
> development. I have found that a huge number of web hosts offer support for
> PHP. How hard is it to find a Web Host that will allow you to you to run
> your own Python scripts, web or app server, template engine (Zope or
> Cheetah)?  If it is not, is it comparable in cost?
> Thanks
> Ken
> kenfettig at

I have an account with  It has support for Python, 
C/C++, PHP, Perl, and quite a few other languages.  You have to make a 
one-time donation of $30 or so (it's a nonprofit public shell account 
provider) to get web hosting and all that.  You also get a full Unix 
shell account.

You might want to check it out.  I'm not sure about Zope or Cheetah, 
whatever those are (I'm new to Python), but it definately supports 
Python.  I just wrote some scripts for my web site on there.

J. W. McCall

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