Celebrity advice (was: Advice to a Junior in High School?)

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Wed Aug 27 14:01:01 CEST 2003

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> > Except when it comes to guns 
> You should know better than getting into a discussion with Americans about
> guns.

Before we get into a long and pointless debate, it should be said that
the film "Bowling for Columbine" does have a more sophisticated point
about the relationship between gun availability and criminal acts than
is typically made out or assumed (usually by people who haven't seen
it, I might add). And with that, I'd advise anyone interested in
pursuing such a debate to take it to the appropriate forums (and to
see the film, too).

Meanwhile, given ESR's latest "Star Wars trip" (as published by
NewsForge and a whole load of other places by now, I'm sure) there's a
strong argument for the issue of T-shirts which read "STFU ESR".
Because like all of us, there are times when saying nothing is
substantially better than saying something, especially when repeated
references to "Obi-Wan", "The Emperor" and "Rebel Command" are made.


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