How to import a standard module in source file with same name?

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Sun Aug 24 07:51:06 CEST 2003

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> [snip of problem description as per the subject]
> >Under the condition that the absolute path to the standard module
> >is variable in different machines
> >(so, imp.find_module may not be a solution),
> >is there an elegant way to solve this problem?
> You might try changing the case... call it DateTime for example; there
> must be some magic in the C code (if you work on Windows) that matches
> in a case-sensitive way.  Or you can do (in the importing module,
> possibly your main program):
> import datetime
> import vp.datetime
> vp.datetime.datetime = datetime
> --

It i sgeneraqlly not a good idea to call a package _exactly_ as an already
existing one, even if you want to superseed it.  Because of Windows' case
insensitivity for files for folders such a distinction should also be
considered bad style. So the solution could be:

User of package:

import newPackage as Package
from newPackage import *

Implementation of package:

import Package as oldPackage

and qulifying in case of use of oldPackage accordingly.

Michael P

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