pySNMP: SNMP walk

WIWA wim_wauters at
Thu Aug 21 17:32:16 CEST 2003


I have installed pySNMP. I want to make an application where I read
out all the OIDs of a MIB of a particular device. In other words, I
want to do an SNMPwalk for a certain MIB.

I can do an SNMPget using pySNMP, because that's one of the examples
on the pySNMP website. There is a lot of information, but to be
honnest - I cannot find my way in these docs. It doesn't give me a
good view on what I have to program.

Therefore, can someone point me to a kinds of pySNMP tutorial with
examples. Especially the examples are welcome, because I cannot make
anything out of that documentation.

Thanks in advance,


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