WaitCommEvent problem on windows XP

jim news at fairford.co.uk
Thu Aug 7 09:38:00 CEST 2003

Hi, All
I am using python (activestate 2.2.2-224) on XP home and have suddenly got
the following error from a file which works fine under millenium.

 File "E:\code\Python\PyModbus\FEModbusV101.py", line 162, in ComPortWrite
    rc,mask =win32file.WaitCommEvent(self.hComm,self.Overlapped)
api_error: (87, 'WaitCommError', 'The parameter is incorrect.')

self..hComm is a proper handle to the comm port
self.Overlapped is a proper overlapped object

I think the api call requires 3 parameters but only 2 are used in python
I have checked through old messages and found quite a few about this but saw
no solution ?

is it me  ?

any help gratefully received.


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