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On 24 Aug 2003 16:43:42 +0200 Jacek Generowicz <jacek.generowicz at>
> As I've said repeatedly:

> - I do _not_ necessarily advocate the inclusion of macros in 
> Python.
grain of salt?

> - I merely wish to dispel the myth that macros make code less
>   readable[*]: they _ease_ understanding of the code.

maybe with 'a few' simple macros. the fear, if any, is that imported
files depending on more macros will eventually be too great to fit your
brain. its a decision many agree with and has been amply fleshed out with
all sides represented. 
we would all use them, debug them, curse them often.
macros containing macros will be possible. 
with latent bugs and  security holes now multiplied.
they can solve nothing useful speedwise since they wont replace code
inline. with lazy evaluation of code this is less of a concern.

> [*] And they don't fragment languages either.
I'm betting you usually get the last word.

macros [will/might/beyond all doubt can] fragment the language into
harder to read pieces. not the origional argument, but a concern.
if everyone shoots for 100% of their personal truth the FAQ will be

keep it to at most few short paragraphs please.

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