chaco setup

Jorl Shefner v451v at
Tue Aug 5 02:15:09 CEST 2003

In article <sZ46RKA1+9I$EwRn at>,
 Robin Becker <robin at> wrote:

> I'm having trouble building chaco from source with Python-
> 2.2.3/Win2kSP4. I have Numeric 23.0 installed so assumed that it might
> not work using the win32 installer so am trying to build from chaco-
> I get a error ImportError: No module
> named build_agg. Do I need to install some extra software prior to
> building chaco?

   I recently tried to get Chaco (same version) running as well (on Mac 
Os X, however) and got exactly the same 'ImportError: No module named 
build_agg" error.  It seemed to derive from 'kiva/agg/'.
   I've seen other reports of this error in various postings, but no 
solutions suggested.
   I installed all the packages that were recommended at: 

   Chaco has always looked promising to me, but I've never had luck 
getting it to work.


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