Need to convert an arbitrary byte-pair to an int.

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Thu Aug 7 14:15:08 CEST 2003

Richard Brodie wrote:

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>> I'm trying to size a jpeg file.  The file size is held in a short (2 byte
>> integer) at a certain offset.  Once I've found these two bytes (they're
>> in MSB,LSB order), I need to convert them to an integer - now I know that
>> in C I'd just cast a pointer to the offset to a short, and that python
>> doesn't
>> cast, so how can I extract the value from a stream of bytes.  I've looked
>> at (I'm using 2.3b1), but can't find anything
>> obvious.
> For rolling your own direct handling of byte streams, the struct module is
> often best. You also might want to look at the Python Imaging Library

Thanks - that looks to be exactly what I need.
Graham Nicholls
Rock Computer Consultancy

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