Python vs. C#

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On Sat, 9 Aug 2003 21:08:16 -0700 "Brandon J. Van Every"
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> Can't respond to any of your other points, I haven't a clue, 

this reminds me of that phrase I wont attribute properly
 nor remember exactly but,
"one definition of insanity is asking the same question and expecting
 a different answer."
another definition is responding to the same poster and expecting them to
suddenly see the light, in spite of the relative ease and speed
improvements since v2.2 when we first entered this void.
bug fixes aside, the arguments then were convincing to use as much python
as humanly possible and reap the benefits in time saved.
even if you would then take the prototype and convert into 
(c,c++,c#,lisp,*), which you will almost never have to do.
unless you first optimize then design then reject before profile.
normally one designs and tests, maybe profile to reveal slow parts.
easily calling a wrapped 3rd party lib or optomizing.

the google and ASPN c.l.p archive is a valuable resource for posters and
responders alike. if only they could be automatically consulted and a
summary appended to each email.
we would not be disappointed in this case to notice past attempts by some
of the c.l.p luminaries who are now avoiding this subject or have
killfiled early on the quite brite dare I say the word, 
'3D troll'.

C hasn't changed that much and python is only getting tighter.
admit it, you now love python, psyco, pyrex & indentation.
and you lurk in the hope of convincing yourself of the facts.

apology to anyone truly wanting C# or .NET integration.
 is it any surprize that it will be difficult or impossible?
huge gratitude to those working on the corner cases in antique languages
and environments to make python less constricting.

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