Determining if a filename is greater than X characters

Alex Martelli aleax at
Mon Aug 4 11:06:40 CEST 2003

hokiegal99 wrote:

> OK, I'll use spaces... I thought tabs akward, but they take less time in
> my editor than spaces do. Thanks for the for loop idea. It works
> perfectly. Below is the script with spaces instead of tabs. Thanks
> again!!!

You're welcome!  Note that good editors can be configured so as to let
you hit the Tab keys for indentation (and shift-Tab to go back, if you
wish) while using spaces in the file as saved.  If your current editor
does not support that I would suggest you consider changing -- there
are SO many good editors out there, after all.  For example, IDLE, the
integrated GUI development environment that comes with Python, is quite
nice now in its release 1.0 (comes with Python 2.3).  The Options menu
opens a multi-tab dialog open at the first tab, "Fonts/Tabs", and you'll
see a simple choice between "Tab key inserts spaces" (default) and an
alternative of "Tab key inserts tabs".  Even though I normally use VIM
myself (a highly configurable & programmable descendant of good old vi)
and occasionally SciTE (a useful lightweight editor/environment), I'm
seriously tempted by the new IDLE 1.0 to switch for much of my work...


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