Python vs. C#

Brandon J. Van Every vanevery at
Sun Aug 10 00:59:05 CEST 2003

What can I do with Python that I can't do with C#?

I'm currently going up a learning curve about C# and .NET.  I've avoided
"Microsoft stuff" for a rather long time, but there's this reality that I
currently live in Seattle.  I need gigs, so swallowing C# and .NET is
currently the way to go.  While swallowing, I've been surprised to find out
that on paper, C# and .NET look like well implemented systems.  C# could be
glossed as "C++ without the headaches."  I certainly don't care for the
headaches of C++, I've just spent most of the last 11 years avoiding them,
that's how I've gotten by.  Also C#, like Python, has higher level data
types built right in.  No more memory management, no more implementing
linked lists over and over again  .NET Framework could be glossed as "an
interoperability environment for programming languages."  So long as your
language looks a lot like C#.  ;-)

Some open source projects are trying to clone .NET and provide a C#
compiler.  So, C# may not remain a "Windows thing," although it will remain
driven by Microsoft.  We'll have the age-old question, can open source keep
up with Microsoft, enough to be usable and of interest to people?  Don't
really know at this point.  But I do know, from reading the Linux
newsgroups, that Linux people have failed to provide "an interoperability
enviornment for programming languages."  That's why some people are looking
to clone .NET.  Microsoft is leading in this area.

So again my question is, language-wise, what can I get done with Python that
I can't get done with C#?  What is easy to express in Python, that is
tedious, difficult, or impossible to express in C#?

Brandon Van Every               Seattle, WA

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