Newbie: explanation of PrivoxyWindowOpen; website docs outdated?

Richard Michael rmichael at
Tue Aug 19 04:25:12 CEST 2003

Joe Francia wrote:
> Richard Michael wrote:
>  > I've been reading the Python docs, and the 6.1.3 File Objects section of
>> the Library Reference indicates that instead of "open()", I should use 
>> the builtin function "PrivoxyWindowOpen()" instead.
> As you suspected, this has nothing to do with Python or the 
> website - it is Privoxy replacing all instances of open() with 
> PrivoxyWindowOpen() to squash pop-up advertisements and such.  Just add 
> to your whitelist and you'll be OK.  (browse to 
> to bring up the configuration page).
> jf

Oh my dear.  Now this is an embarassing situation.  Well, I guess I've 
gotta laugh. :)

I didn't realize Privoxy would do this.  I guess context handling by 
Privoxy would be lots of work.  It also why explains why 
'PrivoxyWindowOpen()' didn't turn up in any newsgroups or in the local 
documentation!  (I don't think I was ever viewing the copies of 
identical document both locally and online for comparison.)

A bit sad that I didn't think this could have actually been realtime 
interference by Privoxy!  :(

Thanks Joe.


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